2018 Little Ship Game Fish Club Garmin Classic & Nautilus Marine Insurance Interclub Shield.

2018 Little Ship Game Fish Club Garmin Classic & Nautilus Marine Insurance Interclub Shield.

In total we had 18 vessels entered and 55 anglers participating in both sections.

In the gamefish section, 11 Vessels and 34 anglers entered.

Weather Friday was pretty ordinary, with some vessels deciding not to attempt to cross South Passage bar due to the poor conditions. There were 21 Strikes, 14 hook-ups and 7 tags recorded, 2 blue marlin, 1 black marlin tagged, a Spanish and a Yellowfin and 2 Mac Tuna. In the reef section a number of snapper, spanish mackerel and jewfish were recorded.

On Day Two the breeze did not come in early as expected, which affected the fishing to some degree, although the reef guys had a great time, some fishing in the bay and others heading offshore. Grassy sweetlip, Amberjack, Spanish Mackerel and Pearl Perch were all measured. On the gamefish side, the totals came in at 11-7-3, 1 Blue marlin was tagged and released along with a Wahoo and Dolphinfish.

Gamefish results, 32 Strikes, 21 Hookups, 10 Tags, 3 Blue Marlin, 1 Black Marlin, 1 Wahoo, 1 Dolphinfish, 1 Spanish, 1 Yellowfin Tina and 2 Mac Tuna



GARMIN Reef Rumble:


Champion Team Snapper: Predator

Champion Team Grassy Sweetlip: Garmin Bottom Bashers

Champion Team Spangled Emperor: Spanyid

Champion Team Pearl Perch: Suzuki Double or Nothing

Champion Team Yellowtail Kingfish: Spanyid

Champion Team Amberjack: Sea Hawk

Champion Team Jewfish: Spanyid

Champion Team Spanish Mackerel: Spanyid

Fish of the Tournament:

Champion Junior: Jacob Mirosch

Champion Senior: Richard Love

Champion Cruisecraft: Predator

Champion Reef Rumble Boat Overall: Suzuki Double or Nothing


Garmin Gamefish Classic:


Highest Points Day 1: Black Habit, Shannon Zammit. Day 2 Wellcraft, Peter Watts

Runner-up Male: Peter Watts, Wellcraft

Champion Angler Heavy Tackle: Shannon Zammit

Champion Riviera Boat: Site Office

Champion Cruisecraft Boat: Predator

Champion Vessel Over 8m: Site Office

Champion Junior Angler: Brea Thomsen

Champion Female Angler: Amy Richards, Site Office

Champion Male and Overall Champion: Shannon Zammit



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