2020 Garmin Light Tackle Masters – Gold Coast Australia

2020 Garmin Light Tackle Masters – Gold Coast Australia

On the 50th year anniversary of the Gold Coast Game Fishing Club, the Garmin light tackle masters held on the 11th and 12th of January saw 26 boats take part.  After weeks of great weather, the tournament saw a cold southerly developing and everyone watching every wind app they could for comparisons.

Friday night briefing went off without a hitch and the Calcutta saw French look had some clear III and Viking II as clear favorites to take out the comp.

All boats and crew where notified that we had been asked to take part in some special research and we had Clarisse and Russell from the University of Queensland also get involved for the day, doing some research on parasitic worms in Wahoo, Mahi Mahi and Mackerel for their PHD’s.  They addended at the end of day 1 to extract the worms themselves from the boats that brought specimens in. It was great testament to the Club and entrants to lend a hand to scientific research.

Conditions Saturday morning saw 10-15knt winds and by the 9am sked there where already 6 black marlin tagged and released, 1 x wahoo and 2 x Mahi Mahi.

11am sked Saturday saw another 6 tagged and released billfish and 1 Mahi Mahi, and there was a clear congregation of the fleet around Spot X with most boats opting for live baiting and drifting.  In addition to the fleet the spot was also producing a lot of activity from the tax man, with hook up and after hook up reporting sharks.

The weather for the Sunday had been upgraded with a strong wind warning being issued, resulting in the committee calling off fishing Sunday, and we now had a one day shoot out on our hands.

Congratulations to all the entered in which can only be descripted and trying conditions.

Champion Boat

1st French Look III 20010
2nd Unleashed GCGFC 20000
3rd Reelentless GCGFC 20000
4th Amigo GCGFC 20000
5th Seakeeper GCGFC 10000

Other Point Scoring Boats:


             Fido GCGFC 10000
             Sea Eagle GCGFC 10000
             Grinner GCGFC 10000
             Hot Deal GCGFC 10000
             Broadbill GCGFC 10000
             Aurora GCGFC 10000
             Viking II GCGFC 10000
             Team Tackleworld GCGFC 20
             Reelax GCGFC 10
             Nomad GCGFC 10




Champion Boat OVER 8M


1 French Look III GCGFC 20010


Champion Boat UNDER 8M


1 Unleashed GCGFC 20000



Champion Angler Female

Position Angler’s Name Boat Name Club Score
1 Chelsea Hedges Unleashed GCGFC 20000
Other Point Scoring Female Anglers
Alisa Schofield Hot Deal GCGFC 10000
Pam Hart Viking II GCGFC 10000



Champion Angler Female Junior

Not contested


Champion Angler Male Junior

Position Angler’s Name Boat Club Score
1 Kai Davison Aurora GCGFC 1000


Other Point Scoring Junior Anglers

Liam Burt Team Tackleworld GCGFC 20


Champion Angler Male

1 Jacob Mibus Amigo GCGFC 20000


Other Point Scoring Male Anglers


Corey Donnelly French  Look III GCGFC 10010
John Carter Seakeeper GCGFC 10000
Joel Newton Reelentless GCGFC 10000
James Ferguson Fido GCGFC 10000
Ryan Henkey Sea Eagle GCGFC 10000
Darren Shingles Grinner GCGFC 10000
Joel Gartner Broadbill GCGFC 10000
Campbell Edwards Reelentless GCGFC 10000
Steve McQuire French Look III NPSGFC 10000
Triston Houghton Reelax GCGFC 10


Champion Angler Other Species Heaviest Fish


Not contested


Champion Angler Other Species Most Tagged & Release

Position Angler’s Name Boat Club Score
1 Liam Burt Team Tackleworld GCGFC 20


Other Point Scoring Anglers

Triston Houghton Reelax GCGFC 10
Nomad GCGFC 10







First Billfish Day 1

Angler’s Name Boat Club Time
Steve Carter Seakeeper GCGFC 0725



Last Billfish Day 2

Angler’s Name Boat Club Time
Steve Maguire French Look III NCGFC 1457




Fishing Stats:



  Day 1


1 2 3
Hook Ups 10 20 13
Strikes 10 15 12
Tags 9 7 7


Black Marlin 7 6 4
Mahi Mahi


1 1 1
Wahoo 1
Tuna 1
Spotted Mackerel 1