Back 2 Tanga 10

Back 2 Tanga 10

Back 2 Tanga 10

Moreton Bay GFC GARMIN “Back 2 Tanga 10th Anniversary tournament was held across the first weekend in March 2018. With a favourable weather window, a total of 33 boats were registered at the briefing held at Redlands Sporting club on the Wednesday night.  A total of 99 Anglers including 10 female, 9 juniors. A further 23 crew were registered. David Trask kindly was auctioneer for the Calcutta raising a pool of $5825.

The fishing was slow with fish scattered and also a doughy billfish bite. All up there were 101 strikes, 82 hook-ups and 49 fish landed or tagged. This included 1 Blue marlin, 11 Black marlin, 2 Sailfish, I albacore, 5 Mack tuna, 6 Mahi Mahi, 12 mackerel, 1 cobia, 6 wahoo and 4 skipjack tuna.

Champion boat was Bangalee (MGFC), with 6,000 pts, followed by Spartacus (NGFC) with 4,606 points then Reel Affair (MBGFC) on 3,000 pts.

At the presentation a comprehensive prize pool ($27,000) was distributed to 38 categories including prizes for a funfish section.


PRIZE                                                                      ANGLER (Boat/Points)

Early Entry Prize:                                              Bluey – “Dr Blue”

Sked Draws- Friday 1005:                              Chris Hagen – “Summerblaze”

Sked Draws- Friday 1205:                              Michelle Hicks – “Reel Affair”

Sked Draws- Friday 1505:                              James Threadingham – “Oofa”

Sked Draws- Saturday 1005:                        Paul Cook – “Caddy Shack”

Sked Draws- Saturday 1205:                        Luke McLaren – “No Name”

Sked Draws- Saturday 1505:                        Graham Kroehnert – “Gray Triton”

First Billfish tagged – Day 1:                         Patricia Minzas – “Spartacus”

Last Bill fish tagged – Day 1:                         Gary Venniekerk – “Reel Affair”

First Billfish tagged – Day 2:                         James Threadingham – “Oofa”

Last Billfish tagged – Day 2:                          Tony Ford – “Choppy”

Champion Angler Tuna:                                 Harrison Billing (J) – “Get Bent”

Champ Ang Other G’Fish Sp:                       Ryan McKinnon – “Galaxy II”


3rd Place Junior :                                              Robbie Flynn – 50 pts

Runner-up Junior :                                          James Threadingham 1620 pts

CHAMPION JUNIOR:                                      Harrison Billing – 1650pts

3rd place Female Angler:                              Debbie Dahl – 1500pts

Runner up Female Angler:                           Charlotte Ditchfield  -1500 pts

CHAMPION FEMALE ANGLER :                   Patricia Minzas – 3000 pts

3rd Place Male Angler:                                   Ryan McKinnon – 1665 pts

Runner-up Male angler:                                Adrian Wright – 3000 pts

CHAMPION MALE ANGLER:                         Andre Venter – 3000 pts

Champion MBGFC member:                       Ryan McKinnon – 1665 pts

OVERALL TOURNAMENT CHAMPION:   Andre Venter – 3000 pts


3rd place Boat under 8m:                             Get Bent

Runner up Boat under 8m:                          Galaxy II

Champion boat under 8m:                           Reel Affair

3rd place boat over 8m:                                Black Habit

Runner up boat over 8m:                             Spartacus

Champion boat over 8m:                              Bangalee

Special thankyou to all the Sponsors, the Committee and all the helpers who assisted on Moreton Island with setup, providing meals for all participants, bar and cleaning up over the 4 day event. A huge effort.