Commonwealth Marine Reserves

Commonwealth Marine Reserves

As you may be aware the Commonwealth Marine Reserves Review is underway. Subscribers to our updates will know that the Bioregional Advisory Panels have commenced consultation with stakeholders.

As an organisation with membership likely to be interested in the Review and wishing to Join the Conversation, we would like to provide you with an article you may use for any upcoming publications including newsletters or website updates.

For more information on the Commonwealth Marine Reserves Review, including the Terms of Reference, to subscribe to regular updates and the ways you or your organisation can join the conversation please visit <> .

If you have any questions, please contact us through the Commonwealth Marine Reserves Review Secretariat at <> .

Yours sincerely

Mr Peter Cochrane & Professor Colin Buxton
Co-Chairs, Bioregional Advisory Panels
Commonwealth Marine Reserves Review
23 February 2015
CMR Review general newsletter article[1]