MBGFC – Back to Tangas Wrap Up

MBGFC – Back to Tangas Wrap Up

We had 38 enter, and 2 subsequently withdrew, so a total of 36 boats for the tournament which was a record for Tanga.


MGFC – 5 boats entered

SCGFC – 3 boats ebtered

BIGFC – 2 boats entered

NGFC – 8 boats entered

MBGFC – 15 boats entered

GCGFC – 2 boats entered

And we had one up from PHGFC aswell



We had a total of 135 enlist, made up of the following break downs:


23 Crew

8 FunFish Only Anglers

104 Game Fish Anglers


The gamefish anglers broke down further to

11 Senior Females

82 senior males

11 Juniors (2 female / 9 male)


Champion Boat over 8m               Insitgator (NGFC)

Runner up Over 8m                        Shakara (PHGFC)

Champion Boat under 8m            Blade Runner (MBGFC)

Runner up under 8m                      Galaxy II (MBGFC)


Champion Senior Male                  Dylan Flood (NGFC)

Runner Up Senior Male                 Ryan McKinnon (MBGFC)


Champion Senior Female              Renae Nugent (MGFC)

Runner up Senior Female             Nikki Gorman (BIGFC}


Champion Junior                             PJ Bennett (MGFC)

Runner Up Junior                            Harrison Billing (MBGFC)


Champion Other Game Fish         Ben Massurit (SCGFC)

Champion Tuna                               Harrison Billing (MBGFC)

Champion MBGFC Club Member                              Ryan Mckinnon


First Billfish –                                    Dylan Flood

Last Billfish –                                     Dylan Flood


We also have 2 pending QLD records from the junior males too – 1 x Wahoo on 8kg – (Ben Massurit) and 1 x Yellowfin Tuna on 24kg (Harrison Billing)