Q.G.F.A. Celebrates 75 Years – 1937 – 2012

Q.G.F.A. Celebrates 75 Years – 1937 – 2012

Q.G.F.A. Celebrates 75 Years – 1937 – 2012

The Queensland Game Fishing Association was formed in Brisbane, on the 23rd August 1937 by a small group of game fishing enthusiasts under the Chairmanship of the Hon.  J. Dash, M.L.A.,  Minister for Transport.  The Associations first committee comprised the following;




Patron – His Excellency the Lt. Governor and Chief Justice, Sir James Blair, K.C.M.G

President  – A. B. Carrodus, Esq

Vice President  –  Norman E. Gow, Esq

Secretary  – John Murray, Esq

Treasurer  –  George C. Lambert, Esq


–  E. D. Smout, Esq

– S. H. Harris, Esq

– A. J. McCawley, Esq

– D. A. Lavery, Esq

– R. S. Marriott, Esq

At the end of the first year the Association had a total of 79 Members and was viewed as a vindication by our founders that the state needed this Association.  This small group of dedicated men had, in just one year, found funding and erected seven Weigh Stations at Hamilton in Brisbane; Amity Point; Comboyuro Point; Heron Island; Lady Musgrave Island; Hayman Island and Lindeman Island.

The Queensland Government of the day was very supportive of the Association and, through the agency of the Hon. John Dash, M.L.A., Minister for Transport, donated a series of cups for competition in Queensland Waters during the Sesqui Centenary Celebration’s Game Angling Contest.

Over the years, and with the formation of what is now the Game Fishing Association of Australia on 26th October 1937, the structure of our Association has changed somewhat.  Game Fishing Clubs were being formed in the coastal areas from Brisbane to Cairns, hence the Clubs became the Members of the QGFA and their members became affiliates.

The Queensland Game Fishing Association now has 19 Member Clubs, ranging from the Gold Coast to Cairns, and has 1856 affiliates.

Whilst the Objectives of the Association have not changed, and we still reserve the right to weigh a fish, our affiliated anglers prefer to support the Tag and Release of fish in order to gain the Scientific knowledge needed to protect our resources.

The past 75 years have given us 23 Presidents, our current President being Mr Graeme Devin who has been serving now since 2008, and our 22 Past Presidents are as follows;

Mr A.B. Carrodus  –  1937-1947

Mr Norman Gow   –   1947 – 1953

Mr F.D.C. Anderson    –   1953

Mr George Lambert    –  1953 – 1959

Mr Tom Fanning    –   1959-1965

Mr Tuck Fanning   –  1965 – 1970

Mr Patrick Gay AM   –  1970-1975

Mr Jock Izatt    –  1975 – 1979

Mr Michael Leahy    –  1979-1980

Mr Terry Russell    –  1980 – 1982

Mr Malcolm Ramsay   – 1982-1984

Mr Calvin Tilley   – 1984 – 1986

Mr Bob Johnson   –  1986-1988

Mr John Hesselwood   – 1988 – 1990

Mr Brian Kirkby   –  1990-1992

Mr Kevin Byrne   –  1992 – 1994

Mr Colin Earle   – 1994-1998

Mr Sam Pagano  – 1998 – 1990

Mr Ian Bladin  – 1999-2002

Mr Rodney March   –  2002

Mr Ian Bladin   –   2003-2006

Mr Gary Smith    –  2006 – 2008

The Queensland Game Fishing Association Inc. celebrated its 75th Anniversary on Saturday 11th August with a dinner and presentation evening at the Mantra Mooloolaba Beach Resort on the Sunshine Coast.

There were 72 guests in attendance at the dinner, including seven of the Association’s Past Presidents/Life Members and their wives and the President of the Game Fishing Association of Australia, Mr Grahame Williams and his wife Faye.

A great evening was had by all, and especially by our younger attendees who enjoyed the stories told by our elder statesmen Patrick Gay and Michael Leahy.