QGFA 75th Annual General Meeting

QGFA 75th Annual General Meeting

QGFA 75th Annual General Meeting

The 75th Annual General Meeting of the Queensland Game Fishing Assn Inc was held at the Rydges Southbank in Townsville on Saturday 24th August 2013.  The weekend kicked off on the Friday night with a   Meet and Greet party at the Townsville Yacht Club which was put on by host club Townsville Game Fishing Club.  This evening was attend by members of the Townsville Club along with the Delegates and their partners from the visiting clubs.

Saturday the 24th was taken up with the Annual General Meeting and was attend by 40 Delegates from 15 of the 19 Member Clubs.

The conference ended with a Presentation Dinner on the Saturday night which was held at Rydges Convention Centre.  There were 55 Delegates and Guests present at the dinner and all had a good time.


Colin Earle Perpetual Trophy   –   Champion Club Overall – All Species – Tag and Release   –  Sunshine Coast GFC

Dawn Earle Perpetual Trophy  –   Champion Angler Overall – All Species – Tag and Release –  Jeff Oates (Sunshine Coast)

Colin Earle Memorial Trophy   –    Champion Angler Overall – Other Species – Tag and Release – Ryan McKinnon (Mooloolaba)

Peter Pakula Perpetual Trophy –  Champion Junior Overall –  All Species  –  Tag and Release  –  Daniel Brooks (Sunshine Coast)

ALL PORTS INTERCLUB WINNERS:  Brian Kirkby Perpetual Trophy

Champion Club Overall   –   MOOLOOLABA

Champion Angler Overall   –   Greg Gilbert (Townsville)

Champion Boat Overall   –   Compromise (Mooloolaba)

Champion Male Angler   –   Greg Gilbert (Townsville)

Champion Female Angler   –   Kellie Jensen (Mooloolaba)

Champion Junior Round 1   –   Jack Grimes (Mooloolaba)

Champion Junior Round 2   –   PJ Bennett (Mooloolaba)

Champion Club Zone 2   –   Townsville

Champion Club Zone 3   –   Mooloolaba

Zones 1 and 4 did not contest the All Ports.