Weipa Billfish Club Inc 2018 Tournament

Weipa Billfish Club Inc 2018 Tournament


In total there were 46 nominated anglers including 7 juniors, 13 ladies and 13 visiting anglers.
I have to admit that in the days leading up to the tournament, I was worried sick as to whether any fish would be caught with the water quality looking like the worst we have seen here at this time of year, but the results are a testament to the resilience of our fishery with a total of 40 bites, 30 hookups and 20 fish tagged – 4 black marlin and 16 sailfish among 9 boats.
Wheelie bin green was the official colour of the water facing the competition and it was great to hear of some boats still getting 4 or 5 shots a day in the conditions.

Without delay, results are as follows:

Champion Team – Freak Show 6300pts
R/Up team – True Blue 4070pts
3rd team Last Cast 2300pts
4th team Wine Down 2170pts
5th team Striper 1000pts
6th team Get N Any 1000pts
7th team Shipfaced 1000 pts
8th team Justeasin’ 1000pts
9th team Halfway 900pts

Champion Senior male – Rhys Moore 4300pts
R/up Senior male – Ben Wilson 2170pts
3rd Senior male – Jack Moore 2000pts
4th Senior male – Riley Wilson 1900pts
5th Senior male – Gaven Roberts 1000pts
6th Senior male – Brendan Rolt 1000 pts
7th Senior male – Brett Young 1000pts
8th Senior male – Bruce Watkinson – 1000pts
9th Senior male – Kurt Lynch 900pts

Champion Senior Female – Amy Jenner 2170pts
R/Up Senior Female – Theona Down 1000pts

Champion Junior Angler – Daniel Griffin – 1300pts

Heaviest Other Gamefish – Vesa Hyytinen 4.91kg Spanish Mackerel

Most Meritorious Capture – 13 y/o Daniel Griffin, successfully tagging his first black marlin of about 65kg on 10kg line after just over 2 hours, fishing aboard Last Cast.

Hard Luck award – Team Small Fry who battled a marlin of around 60kg on a spin rod for over 2 hours only to have the handle break off the reel – Check out the photos attached to this post taken from Last Cast.